How to use Petrol test kit

Fuelmonitrix Test Kits are used to check Petrol samples . They are simple and easy to use. They clearly identify if Petrol is stretched with kerosene. This page shows you how to use the Fuelmonitrix Petrol Test Kit. With 4 simple steps detailing how to check for stretch petrol. We also have a you-tube video underneath.

Step 1- Add Petrol

Unscrew the cap of the Fuelmonitrix –Petrol Test. Fill the test tube with the suspect sample of petrol to the marked line. Ensure your fuel sample is taken and stored in a suitable container before transferring to the Fuelmonitrix Test Kit. Sampling directly from a forecourt fuel pump is not advised.

Step 2- Seal and shake

Ensure the test tube is fully sealed, shake for about 30 seconds and then hold in an upright position until a separate layer of the mixture has settled at the base of the tube. After 1-2 minutes a positive or negative result is visible.

Step 3 - Positive Result

A Positive Result: the bottom layer of the test tube turns a faint pink colour which indicates the presence of Kerosene in the suspect petrol sample. This petrol sample maybe stretched.

Step 4 - Negative Result

A Negative Result: the bottom layer remains clear indicates no presence of kerosene in the suspect petrol sample. This petrol sample is not stretched with marked kerosene. If the bottom layer goes cloudy there maybe something else in the petrol and this sample will require laboratory analysis. Please contact us 059-9152881