Understanding Results for Petrol

Fuelmonitrix is a simple , easy to use test kit used to detected stretched petrol. The benefits of using Fuelmonitirx are as follows ;

  1. Easy to use
  2. Quick results
  3. Can identify stretched petrol
  4. Less expensive than standard laboratory costs
  5. Can save the end user thousands of euro in repair costs

Petrol Stretched with Kerosene

A Positive Result:

The bottom layer of the test tube turns a faint pink colour which indicates the presence of Kerosene in the suspect petrol sample. This petrol sample maybe stretched.


A Negative Result:

The bottom layer remains clear indicates no presence of kerosene in the suspect petrol sample.


Neither Positive or Negative Result:

If the bottom layer goes cloudy there maybe something else in the petrol and this sample will require laboratory analysis. Please contact us 059-9152881