Test Kit - To Detect Laundered or Washed Diesel

Laundered diesel is agricultural diesel that has had the dye removed. This process removes beneficial additives and the diesel usually contains acid residue. The resulting fuel can have a disastrous effect on an engine particularly at risk are fuel injectors.

Product Code: DK01-04


Agricultural diesel is dyed green to show that it is rebated fuel. When this dye is removed by criminal gangs they also remove the manufactures additive package and leave contaminants such as acid/water waste, from the laundering process. Fuelmonitrix detects diesel that has been laundered or washed.


4 separate single use kits
Easy to use - Instructions included
Quick Results
Cost per Kit €79.99 VAT inclusive

Diesel Test Kit – To Detect washed or Laundered Diesel

This is a screening test kit used to identify if diesel has been washed. It is quick, low cost and easy to use.  It is available to purchase on-line .